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An Occasional, Peripatetic Series Featuring the Best in

Experimental and Alternative Film and Video



Next Screening:

Fred Halsted's Rare 1972 Film "L.A. Plays Itself" (1/26/13 & 1/27/13)

Previous Screenings:

Klaus Wyborny's "Studies for the Decay of the West" - Introduced by Dan Eisenberg (9/30/12)

The Pioneering Physique Films of Bob Mizer's Athletic Model Guild (5/5/12 & 5/6/12)

Oliver Laxe's "You Are All Captains" (2-12-12)

Lizzie Borden's "Born in Flames" (1-21-12)

Bruce LaBruce's "No Skin Off My Ass" (12-10-11)

Gate Shock: New and Rare Films by Luther Price - with Price in Person (9-17-11)

Kelly Reichardt's "Ode" (8-28-11)

HUANG Weikai's "Disorder" (5-20-11)

Kittens, Biscuits, and Blots: Films by Luther Price (3-20-11)

The Complete Films of Fred Camper - with Camper in Person (3-4-11 & 4-16-11)

Travis Wilkerson's "An Injury to One" (3-2-11)

Klaus vom Bruch's "Das Schleyerband" (1-30-11)

Andy Warhol's "Face" and "The Velvet Underground in Boston" (12-18-10)

The Anatomy of Cinema: Films by Brian Frye - with Frye in Person (11-13-10)

Jean-Pierre Gorin's 1979 Masterpiece "Poto and Cabengo" (11-17-10)

Bruce LaBruce's "L.A. Zombie" (10-26-10)

Restoring Appearances to Order: Rare Films by Coleen Fitzgibbon - with Fitzgibbon in Person (10-15-10)

The Black Films of Aldo Tambellini & Black Gate Cologne (9-26-10)

Alexander Kluge's "Strongman Ferdinand" (8-24-10)

!Kung - Ethnographic Films by John Marshall (5-21-10)

Films by U.K. Artist Nicky Hamlyn - with Hamlyn in Person (3-27-10)

Hellmuth Costard's Rare 1970 Film "Football as Never Before" (3-5-10)

Visitors (Jeonju Digital Projects 2009) - with work by Hong Sang-soo, Naomi Kawase, and Lav Diaz (2-24-10)

Hollis Frampton's "Zorns Lemma" - Part of "Critical Mass: Re-Viewing Hollis Frampton" (1-17-10)

Lewis Klahr's "Tales of the Forgotten Future" (12-18-09)

The Search: New Videos by Kyle Canterbury (11-21-09)

Premium & Miracle: Two Films by Ed Ruscha (10/27/09)

Silver Traces - Films by Bruce Wood (8-21-09)

Leslie Thornton's "Peggy and Fred in Hell" (6-5-09)

Live Projection Performance with Bruce McClure (4-24-09)

Tracings and Markings - A Salon Screening with David Gatten (3-8-09)

Ken Jacobs x 3: Old and New (2-27-09)

"White Heart" - The Rare Masterpiece by Daniel Barnett (1-21-09)

"Picture Books for Adults" and "The Pharaoh's Belt" - Early Films by Animator Lewis Klahr (12-17-08)

Pere Portabella's 1970 Masterpiece "Vampir-Cuadecuc" (11-9-08)

"Seasons with Stan" - A Special Program on Stan Brakhage Presented by Phil Solomon (10-11-08)

The Feminist Classic "Daughter Rite" - With Filmmaker Michelle Citron in Person (9-21-08)

Andy Warhol's "Eating Too Fast" (8-24-08)

"Tearoom" - With Filmmaker William E. Jones in Person (5-18-08)

Ah, Liberty! - Films by Ben Rivers (4-4-08)

Stan Brakhage: The Text of Light (3-2-08)

Stan Brakhage: Rare Masterpieces from the 1970's (1-27-08)


Special Series: Oct. 2009 - Feb. 2010

Critical Mass: Re-Viewing Hollis Frampton

A Multi-Venue Screening Series and Symposium


WHITE LIGHT CINEMA is a new, alternative film screening series designed to complement the programming of other local film venues and organizations by presenting, alone and in collaboration, rare, obscure, overlooked, and resolutely non-commercial films and videos that have either not been screened in Chicago or have not shown in years.

While focusing heavily on great works by avant-garde film masters, the series aims to include both retrospective and contemporary films and videos that range across a wide spectrum of alternative cinema. White Light Cinema will present works demonstrating significant aesthetic merit, originality of vision, radical and commanding investigations of form, and challenging provocations to mainstream film and media conventions.


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